Worries in Your Pocket

You keep your worries in your pocket
On a list worn smooth with time
You talk to me about Jesus as we wait in line
You are hoping for heaven
And you’re looking for a sign
You hold your finger to the wind
But it’s not time

Hey, hey, hey
You are a gentleman James
And we only just met
But I am falling for you
Hey, hey hey
You wear your heart on your sleeve
And I’m falling for you
Though we only just met

You keep your worries in your pocket
On a list that grows with time
You get up early each morning
And go to bed by nine
You have two beers on a Friday
And you take a taxi home
Where you talk to Jesus on your telephone

And you shake hands with every stranger
And tell them that your name is James
And you say “don’t worry about me”
I sure hope God has a plan
For this gentle man

You keep your worries in your pocket
Check ’em all a thousand times
And while you’re telling your story
I drink a little wine
You have sisters who love you
And they are married to God
Ah you’ve been worrying so long
You break my heart

┬ęGenni Kane (Control)