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What are people saying about ‘Selfies’?

If you haven’t already got a copy, you don’t know what you are missing. It is absolutely fabulous. I can’t stop listening to it. – KA

I have a little white dog brain bug! – BO

Very excited! Just heard ‘Little White Dog’ …. WOW! Can’t wait to hear the rest #selfies #supervoice” – Beccy Cole

I absolutely LOVE your album Genni especially the song “And With That”. Thanks so much. – LT

It’s an absolute cracker… Strongly recommend a listen and buy it. It’s an instant classic. This album is a collection of beautifully crafted heartfelt songs. Selfies reflects an honesty of writing that is gracefully wise with a musical integrity that reinforces Genni’s place as one of the finest voices in Australia. – RP

We loved the Flying Emus and I’ve often wondered what Genni Kane has been doing since. So thrilled to learn that she is still making music with that wonderful voice! – PP

This is such a beautifully recorded and presented album… and voice like honey!!! Great songs too. We LOVE IT!! xx – RH

Finally sat down with a glass of wine and listened to your new album. It took me from smiles and laughter to tears. My favourite is ‘Leaving’ after seeing 3 of my 4 girls going off into the world…amazing album I’m sure it is going to be huge xx – RB

Great album start to finish and really well produced. It would be hard to pass by a venue with this music blaring from the establishment. Love it Favourite track: Jimmy the Fish. – GC