The Kitchen Table

Come on in and take a seat at my kitchen table
Make yourself at home, just brush the crumbs aside
We don’t stand on ceremony, it’s great to see you
Sitting in our kitchen in the morning light
I’ll make you a cup of tea while you sit at my table
And you can tell me all about your broken heart
We can cry together, make murderous plans we’ll never act on
Sitting in our kitchen where the healing starts

I can hear your key in the front door
I’m so glad to see you, how was your day?
I’ve cooked your favourite dinner, it’s nearly ready
When we stand in our kitchen we can push our cares away
You’ll pour me a glass of wine while I sit at our table
And we can tell each other about the day we’ve had
You’ve got problems with your boss, and I’m struggling with the workload
Somehow when we share it it doesn’t seem that bad

Everything sounds better around our table
We sing songs and play guitars while we’re sitting there
The neighbours sit outside under their clothesline
Sometimes they even dance around the sheets and underwear
I know she’s just a piece of wood with four strong legs to hold her
She’s the keeper of our stories when the day is done
And even though we have eight chairs, there’s only two I’d take a chance on
We always give the to our friends and we take the wobbly ones

Come on in, I’m glad you’re home, how’s Melbourne?
I’m so glad to see you my darling girl
I have made a vegan cake from all the brown bananas
Let’s just sit here in our kitchen and solve the problems of the world!
At our kitchen table in the sunshine.

© Genni Kane (Control)