Sin Song

I ain’t gonna see the devil on my way down
I’m going down so far they’ll never dig me outta the ground
Cause I’m bad
I’m working on being bad
I’m bad

Ain’t no believer ever gonna same my name
I won’t wear a halo on my final day
Cause I’m mean
I’m working on being mean
I’m mean

I’m bad
I’m mean
I’m a one-woman sinning machine
Ye he he

I would shoot a man if he looked at me twice
Don’t you think that I am smiling ‘cause I’m nice
I am cruel
Working on being cruel
I’m cruel

I’m a woman with a mission in my head
I won’t reach salvation ‘til you’re lying dead
Cause I’m hard
You made my heart so hard
I’m hard

I’m hard
I’m cruel
I’m a one-woman sinning fool
Ye he he

Don’t try to save me
You can’t enslave me
I aint got no questions
You don’t hold the key
Just accept my story
I’m all guts no glory
I don’t want forgiveness
I’m gonna sin myself to sleep!

Holy Moses part the waters I’m on my way
Take me to the river for my final day
Cause I’m tired
Lord, lord I’m tired

I don’t need your prayers rollin’ round my head
Ain’t no good book gonna save me ‘cause I’m dead
I have gone
I have left this world
I’m gone

I’m tired
I’m gone
I’ve been sinning for too long!
Ye he he

© Genni Kane (Control)