One by one I count the days
Making sense and parting ways
Always there is one who pays
And pays

Two by two they left the town
Buildings are all falling down
Days they are just rolling ‘round
And ‘round

Three by three they march along
Happy to be singing songs
Seems so right and it’s so wrong
So wrong

Four by four just tempting fate
Knowing that we left too late
Now it’s time to shut the gate
The gate

Numbers rolling round my head
Lives and people sadly dead
There is so much left unsaid
All the books I might have read
Dreams and stories left to die
Hopes that didn’t get to fly
Al the soldiers wonder why
So do I
So do I
So do I

One by one
And two by two
Three and four there’s nothing new
There is nothing we can do

© Genni Kane (Control)