My Old Friend

I know you’re dying
It’s so unfair
Me over here
You over there
I read your emails again and again
Gonna skype you on Monday
My old friend

And I often think of us laughing so much about nothing
That we always cried
Late in the night
As I’m lying awake and repeatedly wondering why
Wondering why

I never ask you
And you never say
You’re focused on living
And not counting days
I wish I could be there
And hug you again
I’ll catch you on Facebook
My old friend

And i often think of us
Sitting right here in my kitchen and talking ‘bout shit
I close my eyes and remember the last time you came here
Before all of this
Before all of this…

This is the first year
That you didn’t send
A holiday photo to stick on the fridge
So American!
I have the collection
Must be up around ten
Now one is missing
My old friend

And I can remember the first time we met on the steps of our kid’s public school
We were instantly friends then you moved to LA
And your life was incredibly cool
Incredibly cool

Now I’m just waiting…

I think that you know that
I won’t see you again
I’ve written you a song
My old friend

I could Skype you on Monday…
Hey, I’ll catch you on Facebook…

© Genni Kane (Control)