It’s going too fast
It’s going too slow
There’s only 24 hours to go
She’s packing her room up
And changing our lives
And she’s leaving tomorrow …

I’m crying some tears
But I want her to go
I don’t want to hold her back
I love her so
She’s breaking my heart
And she’s bringing me joy
And she’s leaving tomorrow…

Oh she’s dreaming
And she’s making her way on her own

She’s making decisions
And spreading her wings
A child of the world
And she’s doing her thing
She desperate to learn
And she just wants to know
And she’s leaving tomorrow

She’s going to Melbourne
She’s been ‘round the world
She’ll be living with strangers
She’s still our baby girl

She’s leaving
Oh she’s dreaming
And she’s flying away from her home

I wanna turn back the clock and roll back the years
To a beautiful baby with sticking-out ears
A life full of dress-ups and stories and songs
And she’s leaving tomorrow
How time flies
She’s leaving

© Genni Kane (Control)