Ice-Cream & Secrets

Hang up the bunting
I made it myself
Put on a white dress belonged to my mother
Lay out the tables
Dust off the chairs
You’ll wear a black suit you look like your father

I love you and you love me
And oh how happy we will be

Find a little house
Pretty as a picture
Move to the country where everything’s quieter
Get a few chickens
Grow a few trees
Live off our own land sweet in the sunshine

Have a little baby
Name him after my dad
Walking the floor with him when he’s not sleeping
We’ll tell him stories
Teach him how to love
Give him the roots and the wings for his own life

Now we’re getting older
Our joints are all creaky
Blue lacey legs now just like my mother had
We’re still holding hands
When we go walking
We’ll share an ice-cream and all of our secrets

We’re still sharing ice-cream and all of our secrets

┬ęGenni Kane (Control)