Dust & Bones

My little town has a bluestone church
Sitting on a soft green hill under an endless sky
She’s cold in the winter
We like it that way
She gets into your heart and stays

So lay me down and I’ll be dust and bones
I’ll be dust and bones when they lay me down
In my little town I’ll be dust and bones
When they lay me in the ground

My little town has a heart so big
Beating like she always did, she’s been here forever
She’s warm in the summer
But just for a few days
She gets into your soul and stays

And when it’s dark and quiet I can see the moon and the milky way
That’s when I get to thinking that heaven might just be a real place

My little town, she’s beautiful
Lying in the fold of the hill, looks like she’s sleeping
We only came for a minute
She didn’t see it that way
She wrapped her arms around me and I stayed

© Genni Kane (Control)