And With That

You stood at your front fence
You were there every day
Smiling at the children as they made their way
You knew them all by name
Counted inches as they grew
And every year another one became taller than you
And with that
And with that

You bought a paper
Every Thursday morning
And read it as you sat in your blue car in the sun
You’d carefully cut out stories
About people that you knew
And put it in their letterbox so they could read it too
And with that,
And with that

You married your beloved Jack
And when his God called him home
You carried him inside your heart and raised your daughter on your own
And every day up on the hill
You’d sit and talk to him until
It was time to go and man the gate of the pink house in our little street
And with that
And with that

Oh woooo!

You loved to tell me
How much I am like my mum
You met her when she’d visit at your front fence in the sun
You knew how much I missed her
Oh what a hole you both have left
I like to think that you are catching up with her at God’s front fence
And with that
And with that
And with that
And with that
You were gone.

© Genni Kane (Control)